The last of five semi-final live shows hit our screens last night, and eight more great performers took to the London Hammersmith Apollo stage. The acts from last night performed to a high quality and positive comments were handed out by the judges.

Tokyo Meyers, who won last years 'BGT' returned to perform in the results shows, proof to all of the finalists what succeeding in the show can do for your career. The audience, Dec and the judges were all happy to see Tokyo back and gave him hugs and congratulations after his act.

Last semi-final acts

Demille and Muonekė opened the show with Frank Sinatra's "That's life" and put everyone in the mood for a night of being entertained. The singing duo with a twenty-nine-year age gap brought the infamous ratpack member's song to the stage and made the audience feel as though they were at one of Sinatra's concerts. After their performance, Demille and Muonekė received positive comments from the judges.

Dec called the second act a "Dinky dance duo," and Lexie and Christopher impressed the judges with their moves. The chemistry between the young dancers added to their performance, as they ballroom danced across every inch of the stage. When it came to judges' comments, all four congratulated the act on their moves and song choices.

Comedian Micky P Kerr took to the stage with his guitar, and once again won the audience over even before he opened his mouth. His true to life comedy makes Micky relatable to the audience, who were already laughing at the joke before the punchline. The judges' complimented his comedy and were impressed by his act.

All the way from Arizona, Sarah Llewellyn took to the stage to sing opera.

While singing she chopped onions, ate pasta, tore off her dress and ended her act with a contortion. Her act was mesmerising, and viewers were not quite sure how to take her, but the judges were pleased and positive about her performance.

Boyband Take It North sang "A million dreams" from "The Greatest Showman" for their semi-final performance.

The boy band made up of ten to twelve-year-olds from across the country stood and sung their hearts out, getting cheers from the audience as the platform they stood on raised up. After their performance, Simon was impressed with the boys who he had doubts about before, and Alesha called them "adorable."

After the boys came Witch, Mandy Muden with her eclectic and chaotic take on magic. She was both naughty and cheeky, performing the first part of her act directly in front of the judges, before the big reveal on stage. The judges loved her, as did the audience who she kept laughing throughout. When Simon asked if she thought her act was a TV show or stage show she replied: "A TV show please Simon!"

Father Ray Kelly, sung a song by Vince Gill "Go Rest High on the Mountain" in memory of his sister who had passed of cancer.

The background of stained glass windows and Father Ray's beautiful rendition of the song meant the audience was made to feel like they were in church. Among the positive reviews, Simon expressed his wish for Father Ray to sing a more well-known song as he had in his audition.

To end the night was The Giang Brothers, an acrobatic duo where one balances on the head of the other took to the stage. They added a new aspect to their act with the use of a blindfold, adding a sense of danger to their performance. The brothers added in some scripted scares to shock the judges who feared that they may be injured, but they succeed, unharmed and Simon called the act "Better than the first audition."

The final finalists

The final three winners from the public votes were Micky P Kerr, Mandy Muden and The Giang Brothers.

Micky P Kerr won over the voters and went straight through to the finals. That left the judges to make a choice between Mandy Muden and The Giang Brothers, who were both eager to take the final spot.

Before making their decision's, Simon took time out to praise Micky saying, "I am absolutely thrilled for you," the votes were once again split 50/50 between the judges. The left the last place in the final to be chosen by public vote, and it was The Giang Brothers that took the final spot in the line-up.