"orange is the new black's" riot that happened last year bewildered fans for a variety of reasons. Taystee had seen enough from the way they were treated in the facility which made her decide to spearhead the mayhem. Some fans were not happy about it due to the time it took for them to complete that angle.

Each and every vital character on the show is still intact. This was confirmed by the showrunners and the cast themselves. For those who are still confused about what happened last season, they can watch it on Netflix or here’s a simple recap.

Basically, the plot started and ended in the riot scene. One correctional officer was held at gunpoint but fortunately, the trigger was not pulled. There were two notable casualties during the uproar: Officer Thomas Humphrey and Captain of the Guards, Desmond “Desi” Piscatella.

Taystee didn’t kill Piscatella as he was freed by the inmates. Officer Natoli thought he was able to hit one of the inmates, but unfortunately, it was Piscatella. He was shot right through the head, causing him to die instantly.

10 Inmates left

Digital Spy points out that there are still 10 inmates that are hiding in their bunker. The situation has already escalated to higher degrees and the CERT have been advised to take care of the situation by any means necessary.

The CERT Chief who provided them the go signal stated that the Governor approved the assertive move. This made some fans question the real motive of the CERT Chief. It is fully documented that there’s no love lost between the CERT Chief and some of the inmates.

Taystee and Chang

Although there’s no synopsis provided yet by the producers, there are certain theories from the fans that really make sense.

Taystee's emotional breakdown might be the achilles heel in the group and that was also teased by the showrunners before. Also, for those who were asking where Chang was in season 5, we are assuming that she had escaped already. So who was staying in her bunker? Linda is in her place and once the guard starts counting, it will be the only a matter of before they will realize that Chang is already gone.

The only thing that matters for Chang is to regain control of the empire she once held. With that said, there might be a spinoff about Chang and the life she had prior to seizing the lost empire.

No release date yet

According to Digital Spy, "Netflix has still to confirm a release date for season six, making us think that it's unlikely we'll be seeing it in June 2018."