As of the moment, there’s no specific release date yet from the producers of the show. The cast and members are also tight-lipped about it. However, some of the fans might have revealed the development that is happening in season 6. Apparently, the crew of the show is already on the move and spotted going to the “sacred place” in Nova Scotia. If that’s not enough, one fan actually posted a picture of her and Rick in the vicinity.

Earlier than scheduled

Were they able to find ample evidence about the treasure? Why did they start this early? These are the most sought out questions right now from the fans.

Last season, ‘Curse of the Oak Island’ was able to produce an unprecedented 18 episodes, the highest number they’ve filmed for the past 5 seasons. Due to the discovery of the medieval cross, it opened up a lot of speculations and possibility about having bigger treasures buried around the area. However, they have to check first the origin of the cross.

Rick Lagina is highly motivated by the progress that they had in season 5 and probably the reason why he is already at the designated location. Although there are still doubters of Rick and the show, his dedication and work ethic is second to none. Rick and his brother have always been a target of trolls, especially when they are unsuccessful in uncovering some treasures.

The team badly needs help and that’s the reason why they tapped Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Lagina Brothers getting help

In order for them to solve the mystery of the medieval cross, they need to be able to check its origins. Tsoukalos is the best guy for this kind of mysteries as he has vast knowledge about ancient artifacts, and he has a lot of resources about this stuff.

This is also a very smart way of doing a crossover seamlessly. Going back to Rick and the crew, the only reason we can think about on why they are already in the promised land earlier than expected is that they might have a plan in producing more episodes than what they have last season.

Fans should be able to understand the time, schedule and other factors that consist in creating one episode, especially on a TV series wherein anything can happen.

There’s an ongoing debate right now on whether or not this would be their last season as no further treasures were found except for the medieval cross. History channel can’t really ax the show since it has the highest rating during Tuesday nights and they have a massive fan base. Hopefully, Rick and Marty will find answers about the cross and find more treasures as time is clearly not on their favors.