Day by day we are hearing rumours about what might happen in Season 4. The golden rule is not to believe these rumours unless it comes from the producers or the main characters. Some of the fanatics, however, especially YouTuber “AntonJacksonTV” appear to be correct with his analogy. This guy seems to have either friends on the show or he just has a nack of the connecting dots.

Stefan Kapicic is a great actor and with him included on the cast will showcase his versatility when it comes to acting. His role is still being kept under wraps, but it will be a big one as fans suspect.

Kapicic has already stated in his interviews that being part of the show is actually a dream come true. He cited "Better Call Saul" as one of his favourite movies and he is excited for the production to start. However, Kapicic isn’t the only star that we’ll be seeing in Season 4. As “AntonJacksonTV” suggests, we might also see Walter White.

Walter White’s surprise appearance

This is not a spoiler alert, yet it could happen. If Walter White appears next season it is a guarantee that episode will rate highly. Bryan Cranston who plays Walter White has the innate charisma to attract viewers and "Breaking Bad" is living proof of that. According to the fan-created theory, Jimmy McGill and Walter White’s path might cross when Jimmy went to the A1A to get his car wash.

It sounds crazy, but there’s ample supporting evidence to justify the theory. Some fans don’t want to see Walter White in the series because his popularity might eclipse the main plot of the series.

Steve Gomez and Domingo Gallardo Molina

Unlike Walter White, the insertion of Steve Gomez in "Better Call Saul" won’t make any negative effect on the episode that he will be in.

He is not a prominent character but has the credibility of "Breaking Bad". The cartel, DEA, Krazy-8 and Steve Gomez sounds a great plot for the writers to thrive in. Krazy-8 is also derived as the “glue-guy” for a seamless transition of characters from "Breaking Bad" to "Better Call Saul".

Jimmy McGill’s deteriorating relationship with Kim

Currently, Jimmy and Kim are not on good terms. It is fully documented that a change in Jimmy’s character is bound to happen. The only concerning part of this plot is the reaction Kim will have once Jimmy snapped out. Kim is not part of the future plans as she is not even mentioned in "Breaking Bad". We can only guess what will happen, but there’s a big chance that Kim will double cross Jimmy McGill.