Like any award-giving bodies, there are certain rules that they need to follow. This rule has been created to ensure that each and every “competitors” meet the standards. However, there are times that the rule doesn’t seem to apply. Let’s face it, everything change and the need to adapt and adjust is a must. This is the same sentiment Shayne Ward’s sister was talking about.

The portrayal of suicide/depression angle on ‘Coronation Street’ did create a buzz. There’s a certain topic that it’s hard to deal with and suicide is one of them. It is probably on the top 5 list of most delicate subjects as religion is still the front-runner.

Having said that, it somehow “disqualified” Shayne Ward. Is it reasonable enough for him not to be included on the nomination list? The answer is maybe. There are a lot of narratives that can be created on this argument. This is not the first time that the SOAP Awards was called out because of their “rules”.

Shayne Ward got snubbed in SOAP Awards

If the main goal of SOAP Awards is to recognize the men and women with their acting and contribution in the industry, then they need to check again their rules. Shayne Ward’s performance as Aidan Connor in the suicide storyline is epic to say the least. Nobody expected Shayne Ward to be able to deliver and create such connection with the character that multiple fans felt his pain.

Emma Ward voiced out her opinion through her social media account and started a trend with “shaynewardAward”. She doesn’t have a huge number of followers, but due to the legitimacy of her “protest” and the power of her brother’s popularity, it is trending right now. Did SOAP Awards replied to her suggestion? As of the moment, there’s no reply yet from the authorities.

If they do reconsider her sentiments, then this is a big step in the community.

The request

On the other hand, the episode received great reviews from the public eye. According to a respected web magazine, Aidan Connor’s struggle helped a lot of people. This is the exact reason behind why the producer of the show, Kate Oates wanted to walk that thin line.

Her advocacy with mental illness or suicide cannot be contained. Knowing that she has the power to influence a lot of people, she “gambled” with it in producing this storyline. Also, this is not the end of the story as Aidan's will is not yet brought up by his family. As reported already, his last will is so shocking that Michelle is finding hard to explain it to their family. His death might have caused a lot of pain, but it also reunited rivals like Carla and Michelle.