The producer of the show Kate Oates has made it clear that the dark moments that is being portrayed in Coronation Street is to raise awareness about mental disorder, depression and suicide. Shayne Ward, who plays the character Aidan Connor also shared his thoughts about the character and was the suicide angle was actually his idea.

As advertised, tomorrow’s episode will be the crowning moment of Shayne Ward and get your tissues ready as this will defy what acting should be. Various web magazines and YouTube channels have already provided spoilers on what is going to happen tomorrow.

The episode will focus on Aidan and his life. The struggles that he is facing and the disease that he is trying to overcome.

Aidan's Final Request

The cause of death of Aidan Connor is already revealed, but his reasons behind his last will remains a misery. Prior to disclosing Aidan’s request, we will see Alison King (Carla) and Kym Marsh (Michelle) burying the hatchet. They had differences in the past, but they are willing to make peace in accordance to Aidan’s liking. This is also one way to at least ease the pain that Richard Hawley (Johnny) is dealing while he is trying to accept and recover from his son’s demise.

Michelle will play a vital role next week as she is responsible in telling to their clan what the last will is all about.

She herself is stunned with what is written and the request that was made by Aidan and as of the moment there are no exact details on what the request is about, but as per insiders, it will change the landscape of ‘Coronation Street’. The other person who knows Aidan’s secret is Robert Preston which is no surprise since he is the fiancée of Michelle Conor.

There’s an ongoing rumour that a certain character is greatly involved in Aidan’s suicide. But until the showrunners haven’t provided any snippet about it, it is just considered as a rumour.

Kates Oates advocacy

On the other hand, Kate Oates is busy spreading the word about awareness on suicide. She guested on a TV show called “Lorraine” the other day and was adamant about her belief on the scope that the show is dealing with right now.

She strongly believes that Aidan’s exit will save a lot of lives. Kate keeps reiterating that a simple communication will help a lot of people, especially those who feels that they are alone. 'Coronation Street' is now poised to have a better rating compared to the past few episodes due to the vulnerability of their topic.