Please don’t say we didn’t warn you as this episode contains a lot of sensitive and eye-opening directions that are surely relatable in our everyday life. How many times have we seen the news of people taking their own lives due to mental disorder, depression or substance abuse? ‘Corrie’ was able to perfectly depict this aspect in what could be one of the best episodes in series history.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Aidan Connor’s final scene solidifies the eminence of the production team and writers of Coronation Street. Some might not like it, but as far as connecting reality with storytelling, this is as good as it gets.

Before he committed suicide, Aidan made sure that he was able to at least talk to all of his loved ones, including his ex-fiancee. Prior to that, Aidan made some benevolent acts giving Liam Connor his watch and paying for Summer’s new dress for a party. Both were delighted and surprised with Aidan and they were looking forward to seeing more of him. After that, he visited Catherine Tyldesley or better known as Eva Price, his ex-fiancee. It was a refreshing moment to see them reunite, but Eva wasn’t aware of Aidan’s plan. Her perception was Aidan was trying to fix everything for a brighter future not knowing that this will be the last time that they will see each other.

Aidan's farewell gift

Aidan then visited his father’s flat and handed him a gift.

Johnny (Richard Hawley) was visibly happy as he opens up the envelope which contains a membership card to a golf club. Johnny asked Aidan about the gift. He stated “it’s the least that I can do...If it wasn’t for me, you would have been retired a long time ago”. Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) entered the room while the father and son are still talking.

Aidan then exited stating “I’ll see you later”.

Tragedy strikes: Aidan's battle with depression ends

Then tragedy strikes as Aidan commits suicide in his flat. His father is puzzled as he looks at his son's lifeless body. This heart-wrenching moment also made an impact on the characters involved especially Shayne Ward. For those who haven’t heard the news yet, this was not the original segment that was created by the producers.

Originally, the plan was to let his character see his family at a pub. Shayne wasn’t comfortable with the idea and he feels that Aidan needs more time to say goodbye to his loved ones.

The next episode, which will be aired this Wednesday will not only provide clear answers about the suicide angle but will also open up numerous stories about the latest events in the episodic series.