Just when fans thought that he is gone forever in Weatherfield, the devil in the flesh is back bringing more pain and unprecedented terror. We can call Pat a lot of names, but evil genius is the best words to describe him. Pat “vanishing” without a trace made a lot of people happy. The only problem is, he was never gone, he was in the shadows, lurking, calculating and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Pat Phelan: The greatest villain in Corrie

If there’s one thing fans should understand about the series is, if the character wasn’t seen dead in any of the storylines, best believe that the character will be back.

So what happened after the last episode? Well, a dramatic entrance was needed to bring a nerve-racking experience to ‘Corrie’ fans. The way showrunners plot the scene was ingenious as most fans were still attached to Aidan Connor’s suicide. Gary’s disgust with Phelan is fully documented, so when he was able to track Phelan down the street, Gary thought that he had him. But then again, he is so wrong as the evil genius already anticipated his move. Back to the trailer, Executive Creative Director Tony Pipes talks about the reason behind the ominous return.

Pipes has made it clear that over the years of "Coronation Street", Pat Phelan is the greatest villain that they were able to produce. David Platt, Josh Tucker, Vinny Ashford, Gary Windass and Nathan Curtis combined is nothing against Pat Phelan.

His crimes in committing murder don’t even bother him or make him flinch. He is as cold as it gets - some fans already call him inhuman.

Phelan's twisted vengeance

There’s a lot of speculation about his next victim, but knowing him, he doesn’t have any pattern on his killings. Eileen is in for a shock, and that is an understatement.

Pat Phelan staged his death so beautifully that even his wife was arrested. Remember the time when a car passed by Eileen and she thought she saw Pat? Her instincts were correct and it’s only a matter of time until her husband shows up and give her the worst experience in her life.

Gary might be the very first victim of Pat Phelan once he decided to start his killing spree.

As stated, Gary and Pat despise each other and killing each other is the only solution. Phelan’s hunger for vengeance is filled up by his hatred against those people whom he felt backstabbed him. Lastly, there are rumours that Phelan has an accomplice, who is near and dear to everybody in Weatherfield. If those speculations are true, it is almost guaranteed that the landscape of the show will dramatically change and will be ruled once again by the evil genius himself.