‘Corrie’ fans, fasten your seatbelt and get ready as the incoming episodes will totally change the landscape in Weatherfield. There are 3 angles that are being developed by the producers right now and each of them is a vital reminder of how great the show is. What will happen to David? What was Aidan’s last will? Who brought Pat Phelan back?

David Platt’s court sentence

First off, David Platt’s sentence is now being discussed. Oh well, another day and another trouble for the distress character. David has gone to a lot of ordeal which made him do things out of his nature.

Him beating Gary Windass brutally is a testament to his uncontrolled behaviour, however, if we are going to decipher what had happened in the boxing match, it was Josh who instigated David’s action. It was just a normal boxing match until Josh whispered something to David which triggered him in providing serious beat-down to Gary.

As seen in the latest clip, David was handcuffed by the police due to missing his court order. Now with the details, technically they haven’t provided the verdict as they are keeping it as a secret. But basing on the actions he made, he could end up to 18 months in jail. Originally, the plan was for him to spend 2 years, but it was scrapped. Josh is still playing mind games with David and he should be mindful as the monster that he was able to create, might kill him in the near future.

Aidan left the factory to Alya

Probably the last angle in the storyline of Aidan is his last will. His death is still being mourned by his family at the same time rejoiced by his friends. It was reported a few weeks ago that he already created a testament and a letter that has some sensitive information. Michelle was assigned to reveal Aidan’s last will since Johnny was having an attack.

Michelle opened the letter first and it contains the words “I’m sorry”. Apparently, Aidan’s suicide plan goes back as far as February. How about his will? Well, he bequeathed the factory to Alya Nazir. Yes, you read it right, with that said, Carla’s boss is now Alya.

Gary Windass and Pat Phelan

Lastly, who brought back Pat Phelan?

The answer is, Gary Windass. Did he do it on purpose? No, not really. Gary’s plan was just to scare Pat Phelan as he couldn’t believe his own eyes that he is alive and well. Pat Phelan is currently in Abergele showing no damage after the deadly showdown between him and his wife Eileen. Pat capitalizes on Gary’s mistake and now, everybody will feel the wrath of the greatest villain of all time in the show.