The second night of 'Britain's Got Talent' semi-finals hit our screens last night, bringing another round of great acts. "The Greatest Showman" was a theme once again, with two acts singing songs from the hit musical. The night was a success, and the show avoided technical difficulties, but an audience interaction did give them a scare.

Without Ant by his side, all of the pressure falls on Dec. Especially when it comes to the judges, who have always enjoyed teasing the duo in the past. Now that Dec is alone, it seems that David Walliams has taken a shine to him.

At the start of last night's show, he flirted with Dec over outfits and admired Dec's leg as Dec was placed directly in front of David.

On the first night of 'BGT' semi-finals David gave Dec a massage, so viewers are excited to see what else 'David Walliams' has in store for the solo host. The judges and host make 'BGT' the success it is with their jokes and interactions - as much as the performers do.

Second night of variety

First up last night was 'B-Positive', the official choir of the "NHS blood and transplant department." They sang "This is me" from "The Greatest Showman". The act was received with positive reviews, and Simon Cowell made sure to let the act remind the public what they stood for, encouraging people to "Give blood."

The next act to perform was Zombie dance act 'Futunity' whose VT played like a Film before the dancers ran into the 'Hammersmith Apollo Theatre'.

The dance told a story, and for a group of Zombies was a high energy performance. The act did well and received positive comments from the judges.

The third act 'Calum Courtney' tugged at the viewers' heartstrings with a song dedicated to his Mum. The song was a reworked version 'Stevie Wonder's' 1976 hit "Isn't she lovely" that included the line "She's my mum".

At the end of his performance Calum began to cry, luckily Dec was there to give him a big hug and words of encouragement. If that wasn't enough then praise from the judges was enough put a smile on his face.

After Calum came 'Andrew Lancaster' a talented impressionist who based his act around an American-style press conference by Donald Trump.

Although his impressions were successful, it was his comedy that failed to win over the judges. Andrew received not so positive reviews from the judges but accepted the comments gracefully.

'Nick Page' followed with his comedy act. Much like his audition the act had neither the audience nor judges in stitches, with his awkward brand of comedy. He once again received a mixed bag of reviews for his performance from the judges, with Simon Cowell buzzing a semi-final act for the first time this series.

The sixth performer was 'Ronan Busfield' who performed a song from "The Greatest Showman" with "Never Enough". He sang well and the audience seemed to enjoy his act, however, the judges comments were more negative towards 'Busfield' who found the act to be cold and unemotional.

Magic act 'Magus Utopia' hit the stage with another nightmarish performance. The act, much like its audition, shocked and told a story to the audience. At the end of the act, the judges received a scare when Marcell, the lead character in the act, jumped up from behind them. Overall they received positive comments but some members of the audience did not share these views.

More scares came from 'Magus Utopia's' time on the stage when during the judges' comments, two members of the audience ran to the judges' table pushing three of the four buzzers. It was quickly confirmed that the buzzing was not part of the act, and Simon pushed his buzzer himself, and said "For you" and pointed towards the jokesters.

After a quick advert break, the last act of the night 'Donchez Dacres' took to the stage with his original song "Wiggle Wine". Donchez was David Walliams' golden buzzer who, in both his audition and live performance, got the audience and judges on their feet. The finale of the second semi-final ended on a high, despite it being a night of surprises.

Two more finalists

The final three acts of last night were; 'Donchez Dacres,' 'Calum Courtney,' and 'B-Positive'. Once again, the top-voted act would be through to the finals, and the next two acts would receive judge's votes. In the event of a tie between the judges, the decision would be left down to voters.

It was golden buzzer act 'Donchez Dacres' who became the first semi-finalist of the night to make it through.

Leaving school boy singer 'Calum Courtney' and NHS choir 'B-Positive' to face off with the judges' vote. Unlike last night's unanimous decision, the second night of judges' votes was tied and sent to a voter's decision.

In the end, it was 'Calum Courtney' who made it through, as the fourth act to be in the 'BGT' finals. He was overwhelmed with emotion, but this time his Mum was available to hug her teary-eyed son. Simon Cowell made the promise "to fight hard" for whichever act lost out to become this series' 'BGT' wild card, so we may not have seen the last of 'B-Positive'.

Despite some minor interruptions, the night was once again an overall success. However, viewers are excited to see if the trend of disruptions continues throughout the rest of the series. Leaving some to wonder if Dec will survive the series, without Ant's support by his side.