Mike Bushell, a sports presenter got more than a splash of water on his face from a Swimming Pool during a live interview on BBC Breakfast. He was all set to chat with the swimmers from the England Commonwealth Games - Ben Proud, James Guy, Siobhan Marie, Sarah Vasey and Adam Peaty.

All the swimmers were sitting on the edge of the pool welcoming the interviewer to the Gold Coast of Australia. Bushell stepped down claiming that he should be careful as he was carrying a sound pack and it should not get wet.

But he was unaware of the fact that there was another step below his feet which made him fall into the deeper water.

The swimmers burst into laughter as this unexpected incident took place right in front of them

Bushell managed to compose himself and got back to the interview

The swimmers burst out laughing as Bushell tried hard to get his dignity back. They also tried to conserve their equanimity as he tried to proceed with the interview.“All the individuals here are factually on the ground,” he stated, mentioning the off-camera crew.

Bushel got control of the interview right about five minutes of his embarrassing situation.The interview had to be cut short as the microphone and the sound pack suffered water damage during his plummet. The story certainly caught so many views and surely fame will come to Bushell's professional journey.

BBC news presenters share the humorous story with the viewers

Charlie Stayt and Minchin, the BBC News presenters shared the amusing incident with their viewers from the BBC Breakfast studio. Stayt stated, "Mike is trying to continue with the interview but we can hardly hear him as a few seconds ago Mike enjoyed the little collapse in the water, his sound pack is all wet and he has absolutely no clue that we cannot hear him now.

Good Bye, Mike, it wasn’t a dull show at all.”

Minchin added: “If you were planning to set that up, you should reflect that it might occur, and it did- actually live on the national platform. Mike got wet in the pool.”

They returned to Bushell later who claimed that he thought it was going to be a little Jacuzzi or swimming pool for kids.

He failed to realize there was a small step which he missed and caused the whole episode to happen. Bushell has the world record for getting into diverse sports, being part of more than three hundred and fifty on his morning slot.

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