Last night's BBC General Election debate was a complete stain on our democracy. Out of principle, considering it was the Conservatives who pushed for these spectacles in opposition, Theresa May should have attended the event. Yet one cannot help but wonder if she did that on purpose to avoid being associated with that utter travesty. Except what was most notable about the debates was not the poor performance of the centre-left leaders, or the surprisingly brilliant defence Amber Rudd made on behalf of the Conservatives, but the overwhelmingly unbalanced makeup of the audience.

If there was ever an excuse to hijack paying the BBC licence fee, this is the time to do so.

It's not that there is a problem with the BBC being a left-wing channel. This is a democracy after all, and it's their choice if they want to adopt that political preference. The issue is that people feel obliged to pay for it, even if they disagree with its views. And what else annoys people is that they fail to just admit they are left-wing.

Last night's general election debate proved that. Not once did the majority of the audience applaud Ms Rudd of UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, yet whenever SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson or Jeremy Corbyn attacked the Government for demonising immigrants, they both received a thunderous applause.

That is despite Mishal Hussain assuring us the audience was 'evenly balanced.'

Mrs Hussain kept telling both Mr. Nuttall and Ms Rudd off for interrupting the other leaders. Yet when did she do that every time Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood kept doing the same? She failed to allow Ms Rudd ample time to defend Government policies, yet enabled the other leaders to rant for as long as necessary.

The BBC presenter also made direct attacks on Conservative measures, employing words like 'u-turn' to describe them. But with the other leaders, she only asked for clarity from each of them about their policies.

Considering the reception Mrs May has received for not participating in the debate, where was Ms Sturgeon? No mention was made of that.

It is shameful that we have been asked to pay more as a population for this service. In an age of Netflix, we should not feel indebted to pay for this dreadful channel. It is time we all quit paying for the BBC's TV license now and just chill while watching Netflix.