Arsenal is chasing for a successor to Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman declared this was his last season at the Emirates. According to Express Sports, Lius Enrique, the former Barcelona manager, and Allergi, from Juventus are in the running to fill the vacancy. Nonetheless, writing in the Daily Star column, Merson shared a credence that Mikel Arteta might be a favorable option for Arsenal fans but he is not confident about Arsenal "fans having that."

Merson added, “He has never managed before and doesn’t have much experience. I still think Brendan Rodgers is the ideal candidate.

He plays the right kind of football and has proved he can handle the pressure of a big job.”

Allegri responds to the claims to take over at Arsenal this summer

The news is circulating that they are seeking Juventus' manager Max Allegri and there are numerous Arsenal supporters who are expressing their desire for him to take over. But that would be a George Graham game. Keeping it tight with nicking a goal, the Italian way. People cannot expect it to be free-flowing. It is not the type of football Arsenal fans are accustomed to.

While Arsenal is in the quest to find their next manager, Merson thinks the former French boss will stay in the game. Arsene Wenger will not quit his football despite the Arsenal exit.

Arsenal is having a tough time convincing Massimiliano Allegri with news signifying his three main reservations about swapping Wenger.

Arsenal cut down the list short

Arsenal have been lucky enough to work with a long list of candidates which included Patrick Viera, Jorge Sampaoli, Nagelsmanss, Lius Enrique and Max Allegri. The list has been cut short now and soon Arsenal is going to roll a new name in the headlines.

Allegri, who is fifty now, is all ready to direct Juventus to a fourth Serie A tag and has come up as the strongest potential replacement at the Emirates. Arsene, during his tenure, won the Premier League and FA Cups three and seven times respectively but failed to go through the Champions League, leaving the club under the cloud.

Allegri is thought to be interested about the likelihood of taking over at Arsenal and would be intrigued to proceed in England the same way in his career, having finished more than ten years in Italy. According to Yahoo Sport, Allegri seems worried by the state of the current Arsenal squad, and with the club’s readiness to reserve novel signings this summer.