Today's TV series are bombarding their audience, more or less, with different nuances of eye-catching images, mostly due to the neverending reservoir of CGI (Computer-generated imagery). At the other end, a small fringe group of shows is still relying on good old-fashioned acting skills and meticulously created scenery.

A rather out of the mainstream show, ''Peaky Blinders'' has been on a solitary quest lately and despite its growing success rate, the show's main structure seems to have remained within the same boundaries. Having four seasons already under its belt, the BBC-produced show is also confirmed for the fifth season.

Season 5 is set to be aired sometime in 2019 as there currently is no pattern on the releasing date. All previous four seasons have all had different timetables in terms of their release.

''Peaky Blinders'' stands for symmetry

To understand how dense the show's structure truly is, a quick look on IMDB is all that you should do. Symmetry is what will strike you first. All four previously aired season had six episodes per each segment.

Although it currently ranks as the fifteenth most popular topic on IMDB TV shows' chart, ''Peaky Blinders'' is far from being a genuine mainstream attraction. And, perhaps, that's the main reason the narrative plot hasn't lost its consistency, at least until now.

''Peaky Blinders'' has been rolling since 2013, the date of its premiere releasing date. Some might find themselves having difficulties to put a certain label on this particular show. Broadly, it's a drama that ranges from political turmoil, sociological aspects (ethnography and anthropology) to a particular economic side.

Tomas Shelby is the main attraction of the show

Brilliantly embodied by Cillian Murphy, Tomas Shelby is the main character of the show. The entire universe envisioned in ''Peaky Blinders'' revolves around a Birmingham's Small Heath-based street gang and its constant change during the 20s'.

As Thomas Shelby gains more and more power into his hands, the gang evolves into something bigger and sometimes scarier entity.

Therefore, this show might not be fit for a light-hearted individual as some of the fighting scenes are beyond the common definition of violence.

As a funny yet concerned note, you may not get involved with this show if you're an ex-smoker or a person who's currently trying to quit. Some of the characters seem to overenjoy the warm and pleasant vice that is tobacco.

Often related to as the Boardwalk Empire of Birmingham, ''Peaky Blinders'' is set to see its future beyond Season 5.