We spoke with one of the actors of the new upcoming season of the Peaky Blinders. Since he is also waiting for the new season of TV series to be premiered, when he can tell us more about his role in the Peaky Blinders, he told us a little bit more about himself and his previous acting projects.

Paris, Rome and London

Sabina: Jake, regarding you are a French and an Italian actor. Where do you usually work?

Jake: The good thing to be a French and an Italian actor is that I can work in both countries. Nowadays with our transport, I can easily travel and be in few hours in Paris, in Rome or London.

I lived for a long time in Paris so most of my projects are there but London is doing very well for me. Take a look at the Peaky Blinders.

It all starts with an audition

Sabina: When did your acting career begin to rise and why?

Jake: I always wanted to be an actor so I build my career little by little with good and solids basis. But I'm a professional actor since June 2012. In February of that year, I did three auditions and I got all of them. And that gave me work for a long time. basically is something that changes inside of me. Before I wasn't sure about my acting skills but then I did some self-improvement work with some life coach and that help me a lot.

Acting alongside Adrien Brody and Cillian Murphy

Sabina: What are your best projects to date, besides that we can see you in the new season of the Peaky Blinders?

Jake: I can say that the Italian movie SALVO (that movie won the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes 2013) was the real begin of my career. I spent one month in Palermo working on my character and it was a magic experience.

Then I did "The diaries" playing Vincenzo d'Aquila, a man who really existed during the first world war. It was a great experience too and I met really nice people. Peaky Blinders...oh yeah. I remember the day that they called me for the audition. I was so excited! So happy! Acting with Adrien Brody and Cillian Murphy was like finally my dream come true.

Travelling is my passion

Sabina: How do you manage to balance your busy schedule and flying around because of filming on different locations?

Jake: One thing at the time is the only way to survive. If you think about all your work as one big thing you cannot breathe! You start to panic. I've been travelling since I'm a kid. My mum was a diplomate and I used to follow her everywhere. So travelling is in my blood. And is a kind of passion. When they call me for a project in Italy or in France I'm just happy to do my bag.

Stand-up comic

Sabina: What are your upcoming projects in the near future?

Jake: I have few really interesting movies projects coming. But I prefer not to talk about it before it's done. Let's call that a superstition. I'm doing some Stand-Up comedy show as well, my next one is at the Monkey Business Comedy show on January 25th.