Sometimes it can be very hard to move from another country to big, busy London. Everything is new and every country has a different culture. You can also be challenged with what kind of accent you have, especially if you grew up in two countries and on top of that you are an actor. But Luca didn't have that kind of problem. He was born in Milan, Italy but grew up in London and he is excellent with a few accents.

Inspired by Robert De Niro

BN: Luca, please tell us about the beginning of your acting career.

Luca: I was inspired after watching 'Raging Bull,' De Niro’s performance was so magnetic!

I started reading about the Actors Studio, Marlon Brando, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, so on and so forth and I was hooked. A few days later I enrolled into Sam Rumbelow's method acting training as well as The Actors Temple and I never looked back.

Accent challenge

BN: You were born in Milan, but raised in London. How did this affect your accent?

Luca: I was pretty young when I moved to London, only 18, so my accent is a mixture of London and Italian in a non-cliche way. I tend to think of my accent as an asset rather than a challenge, for instance, if you didn’t know my name and where I was from you wouldn’t be able to narrow me down to a particular country and that to me is power. I am also good at the conventional American and British RP.

Talent as a passion

BN: In which bigger film projects did you have an opportunity to express your talent for acting?

Luca: I like to think of talent as passion, and anyone that knows me well, can tell you that about me. I’m very passionate. I always put my passion first in anything I do. I train regularly as I like to keep my instrument sharp and I am always willing and ready to work when an opportunity comes up.

Working with the boys in 'Peaky Blinders'

BN: Do you have your favorite film project to date and why?

Luca: I don’t have a favorite project to date as I always tend to give 100% to anything I do (otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it at all), however, I am very excited about working with the boys in 'Peaky Blinders' for the next series.

Big film projects in a future

BN: What kind of acting career ambitions do you have for the future? do you have something special coming up in 2017?

Luca: I’m currently working on the new series of 'Peaky Blinders' directed by David Caffrey, which is awesome and I’m also co-producing a film with Vanessa Redgrave’s production company, 'Dissent Projects,' an independent feature about Italian POWs during WWII and written by Michael Alessandro DeGaetano, in which I will also be starring.