The Brit Awards two days ago showcased celebrated artists from all over the continent but somehow the spotlight was focused on cheryl cole and Liam Payne. There has been plenty of gossip for the past couple of weeks about 'Chiam' having serious issues, but when the couple arrived side by side on the red carpet there were no signs their relationship was having problems.

Legal actions on the move?

According to some media, a few of Cheryl’s close friends have acknowledged the struggle that they are in right now. On the other end, a representative from Liam Payne stated that a meeting with a lawyer was discussed to protect their fortune of £54 million and their mansion which is worth £5.1 million.

Seeing them attending the prestigious Brit Award resulted in some interesting reactions. Some of the fans were actually happy that despite the news about their relationship in jeopardy they still showed up together. But the majority were convinced that it is more of a publicity stunt.

Cheryl fires back

So what is the real score between the power couple? Do they still have a plan to tie the knot? What’s the reason behind Cheryl rejecting Liam’s proposal? These are some questions that don’t have any clear answers right now. Earlier today, Cheryl Cole posted on her social media account a powerful message on her take on this never-ending speculation. She challenged those who created the “stunt” angle to use their platform properly and not spreading “weird” and “ludicrous” news.

It appears even UK’s longtime sweetheart has her limits. Although she tried to focus on her charitable works, there are still a variety of reporters who want to get the best of her. In other news, she was able to open up a centre which could possibly change millions of lives especially the youth.

So what about Liam? Where is he?

The former One Direction band member is thriving in his solo career. That is the very reason why he isn’t with Cheryl most of the time. It is also the same reason why the rumour of them splitting has intensified. Also, during his appearance with Capital FM breakfast show, numerous fans and listeners were able to notice that he only mentioned Cheryl once.

It seems that he is also trying to stay away from the negativity that is currently surrounding them. Whether you're a fan or not, this couple has already captivated a nation. The way they first met, their first dinner date, their very first appearance as a couple, the day they've announced they are having a baby, it's all been truly magical!