You can see Daniel Stisen in big movies such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Justice League and many other action movies. That is why we had a chat with him and got to know Daniel a little bit more. He told us about his journey from a bodybuilder to becoming an actor.

Norwegian with inspiring parents

BN: How did your family inspire you throughout your life?

Daniel: I was raised by a Bodybuilding father, and a Christian mother, who gave me the perfect balance between ambitious goal setting, and a high standard of morality from my mother’s personal Christian beliefs.

Hero of the action

BN: Why did you choose acting and not something else?

Daniel: When I was young, I already knew what I wanted to be, I wanted to be a Bodybuilder and an action hero, I knew this from age 10. I spent most of my teenage, learning the Arnold Schwarzenegger mentality and to listen to Pumping Iron, and reading bodybuilding magazines. In my 10 year Bodybuilding and Powerlifting career, I used what I learned from the sports to set a goal for my acting career; dare to dream big and work Long Term and hard to achieve those goals.

Combining a fitness physique with acting training

BN: How do you connect bodybuilding with acting?

Daniel: I saw my muscular body as something I could combine with good acting, to make me special and one of a kind, or one of a few in the film industry with this particular specific.

I speculated in the kind of roles I knew would suit me well. I am combining my fitness physique with good acting training at Ivana Chubbuck Studio and stunt training, with my distinctive look and accent.

I do love the villain roles

BN: What kind of acting roles do you like?

Daniel: I knew the type of roles that would suit me would be mainly action roles, as a Hollywood typecast, but I do love to make good challenging drama scenes, with lots of emotions.

I love to do what’s challenging. Now I do have several big roles coming up the next few years, as the hero, who saves the day, and also the bad guy in the movies. To be honest, I do love the villain roles, as you need to bring in some of the dark sides of yourself, you normally don’t show in your daily life, where you want to be kind to people, and bring a positive attitude to the situations I am in.

Nothing is impossible

BN: What are your ambitions for the future?

Daniel: My short goal is to make two films I’m producing at the moment, in which I am acting in as well. The goal in a medium term is to establish myself as one of the most recognisable action actors. Long term is to aim at the stars because I believe nothing is impossible as long you work hard and are focused over time, with a good strategy and never give up.