Luca Zizzari, an actor who is currently busy filming the popular TV series of the "Peaky Blinders" has found a little bit of his spare time to talk with us about one of his film projects called "Mother".

It all starts with an idea

BN: Who came up with the idea (scenario) for the film "Mother"?

Luca: My business partner Jumaan Short came up with the idea and we developed it together alongside the Eastern Edge Film Fund and Film London as part of their development process for the 'London Calling' film fund. Our director Marc Hardman also got involved at a later stage.

Mother - daughter relationship

BN: What is the movie about?

Luca: "Mother" is about a mother/daughter relationship and the struggle we have with being honest with the people we love. When Lara, (the daughter) discovers she's pregnant, she's unsure what to do and her strong-willed mother, (Maria), takes control - as she has always done. Lara then has to make a decision to stand up for herself for the first time or not.

Working with the BAFTA award-winning actress

BN: The BAFTA award-winning actress Miriam Margolyes plays a part. Do you know her thoughts about the film and why was she interested in the role?

Luca: When we met Miriam Margolyes who plays Maria, she said she loved the script but it was tricky to find time in her schedule to shoot - she's very busy.

Eventually and luckily, we found a slot because she was so keen to do it. She said she liked the writing and could relate to the story.

The role of an executive producer

BN: What was your role in the movie -- actor or producer?

Luca: I was the executive producer on this film but I did lots of things - including making sure everything went well on set, securing financing and I even had to put on some scrubs as we needed actors in the hospital, so I did get in front of the camera too!

A great little story

BN: Why did you find this film interesting?

Luca: I knew Jumaan was writing from her heart and sometimes that is enough. However, I also thought it was a great little story for a short film.

Thirsty to produce, write and direct.

BN: What kind of impact has this film had on you?

Luca: Well, I loved seeing the film grow and progress from start to finish and I learned a lot in the process.

Overall, it made me very thirsty to produce, write and direct - I enjoy the whole filmmaking process. It's great when you are an actor and a producer because it helps you understand the filming process from a different perspective.