Great things about acting

BN: Stefan, we are curious about which acting roles had the most impact on you and why?

Stefan: I think it would have to be playing charming husband Marcus in the film Hush, as he seemed like a successful and loving father on the face of it and turned out to be an abusive partner. It really opened my eyes to domestic abuse and how it can happen to anyone, from any background. I've also recently been reading for a role in a film about illegal human trafficking in the UK and again it's made me see an issue that is on our doorstep.

One of the great things about acting and producing is that you are learning about new subjects and issues or even new skills for each project.

TV and film roles

BN: How does acting in the TV series differs with acting in the movies?

Stefan: In a film, you are telling a complete story and you usually have the entire script to read so you can really see how your character fits into that tale and how you need to portray your character to best fit within that. With a series, it can be that you only have the script to one episode or one episode at a time, so the director and producer then also need to make sure that your part fits into the overall arc and story of the series. One of the big differences with a series is that you may have more time to build your character and play with it along the way during multiple episodes or series even.

Dangerous Game hitting cinemas

BN: Where can we see your upcoming acting work?

Stefan: On March 24th I'll be playing Dr. Jones in the hit detective series Lucky Man on SKY1. It's the biggest show on SKY1 to date and stars the wonderful James Nesbitt and Amara Karan as well. Then in June, we have a fantastic London Action Thriller called Dangerous Game hitting cinemas, where I play Russian mob boss Alexei alongside my on-screen brother Darren Day as Demetri.

Keep an eye out

BN: You are also a producer. Which film project have you produced so far?

Stefan: I come from a business background so it's been great to use those skills on the producing side where you need to make things happen, source financing and manage a project. My first feature as an Executive producer was a Film Noir Crime Thriller called Frank Phoenix which will be doing festivals this year and in April/May I'll be co-producing a very exciting project with the team from Dangerous Game...

keep an eye out!

High concept films

BN: What kind of upcoming film projects can we expect from you in the future?

Stefan: I've been lucky enough to meet a wonderful multi-talented group of people and together we started a film company called Elevated Pictures ( and through that, we'll be making a slate of intelligent, international, high concept films in the next two or three years and you'll hear plenty more about those.