The absolute king of horror, once again, caused the delight of his fans all over the world when he announced that he watched the remake of "It" and was pleased with the new movie based on his novel about the clown killer.

The producer of the film, Seth Grahame- Smith announced King's message on Instagram. The notice said: "Steve asked me to pass along that he saw a screening of IT today and wanted to let everybody know that they should stop worrying about it, as the producers have done a wonderful job with the production."

King did not like the movie version of 'The Shining'

Stephen King is known for commenting on the film adaptations of his novels just as much as he is known for pointing out the details which he did not like.The most significant comment was the version of "The Shining" by Stanley Kubrick which he did not give his blessing.

"The book is hot, and the movie is cold the book ends in fire and the movie in ice," he said at the time. Regarding Stephen King, it is not a secret that many fans love that movie but he really thinks Stanley Kubrick missed every single point about that novel.

Stephen King believes Rob Reiner's "Stand By Me" is the best movie adaptation of one of his novels.

The scariest movie of all time

The upcoming screen remake of Stephen King's "It" has generated a massive amount of attention. The trailer for the movie "It" broke all box office records in just 24 hours of its publication, as it was seen by 197 million people through YouTube, and through other social networks. This figure broke the previous record of 139 million views a day that the movie "Fast and Furious" held.

Too conventional?

The film is an adaptation of Stephen King's bestseller from 1986 and kind of a remake of the popular eponymous mini-series from 1990. The story is set in fictional town of Derry, Maine. Seven children are terrorized and faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.

Many viewers have described this movie as the scariest of all time.

But "It" hasn’t had the smoothest path to cinemas. In 2015, director Cary Fukunaga ("True Detective") walked away from the film, calling it too conventional, unlike the experimental version he pictured in his head.

The movie is scheduled to be in theaters on September 8, 2017. Pennywise is played by Bill Skarsgard, and the main director is Andres Muschietti.