The Westminister carnage is not yet 10 Days old but the division in English politics is palpably clear. Yesterday a large group of people demonstrated against the radical Islamic terrorists. They were supported by the far-right England First party and the English defense league.( EDL). There was a counter demonstration by the United against Fascism group. Both groups almost clashed and the London police had a hard time separating the two groups. They were also involved in scuffles though thankfully nobody was injured.


These demonstrations show the deep division in British society.

England is riven as never before. It is a tribute to British tolerance and democratic values that agitations and demonstrations by people with pro-Islamic views are allowed. Britain has lost its colonies and now even the facade of imperial grandeur of a great nation is slowly slipping away.

Far right and opponents

The far-right agitators came with faces covered. They were incensed after a British-born Muslim carried out a terrorist attack in London. The result was that four people died and almost 15 were injured. The far right group is slowly gaining ascendency in England and many subscribe to its policies. England also is home to a large number of immigrants many of who are Muslims. These groups practice their culture freely and have not assimilated into the British culture.

They also demonstrate and many locals join them The example is the demonstration against Donald's Muslim ban on 4 Feb 2017.

The British are strangely reluctant to identify radical Islamic Terror and Theresa May did not use this word once, In contrast, Donald Trump mouths these words regularly. Even during his address to Congress Donald mentioned radical Islamic terror and the need to counter it.


The demonstrations in Central London close to Trafalgar square are not a happy affair. It shows that large numbers of Britishers are really not concerned about the killings at Westminster. Maybe it's a case of democracy and rights to express dissent being taken a little too far. The demonstrations are a warning that England faces a tough time and maybe what England needs is a Winston Churchill and not Theresa May