The actor arnold schwarzenegger, former governor of California, announced that he has resigned and will no longer present the show "The New Celebrity Apprentice", where he took the place of Donald Trump, blaming him for his decision, informs BBC News.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, aged 69, who took Donald Trump`s place in the show "The New Celebrity Apprentice", said he would not appear in a new season of the show. He justified his decision, saying he is bothered by the intervention of US President during the show.

"I loved working with NBC and Mark Burnett.

Everyone - from celebrities to the team department - were perfect ten, and I would work with them again in a show that has not such a past", said Schwarzenegger, referring to the fact that the show was presented before him by the US president, Donald Trump.

"I refused to go back"

"It is not because of the show, because all viewers that I met told me they love the show ... but I refused to go back when I saw Trump`s name everywhere. When people learned that Trump was still involved in the show as executive producer and he still receives money from the show, more than half of the people watching began to boycott the show", said the actor, for Empire publication. "I learned many things, I felt good, it was a great opportunity, but under these circumstances I will not return for another season".

Arnold took over the role of presenter from Trump, but the ratings have dropped dramatically since the episodes were aired in 2016 - 2017 and as a result, several sponsors have done business with the show, but another apparent cause is Trump's intervention behind the cameras, as executive producer.

Trump criticized Schwarzenegger

Donald Trump criticized Arnold Schwarzenegger in two messages posted on Twitter, for audiences registered by the show "The New Celebrity Apprentice. Nine years ago, the first episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" was watched by 11.08 million viewers, and in February 2015 it reached about 6.1 million viewers.

Shortly after Donald Trump`s attack, the actor and gave his reply, also on Twitter.