Three people are killed or maimed every hour, worldwide, for organ harvesting, which is subsequently sold on the black market. In many states, people sell their organs voluntarily.

Awful images shocked the whole Internet, after being posted on facebook by Goh Heng Soo. He claims that those photos depict 700 children killed for their organs, which were then sold on the black market.

Children were abducted

The coverage my publication says that the children had organs removed and they were abducted from their parents and taken to a farm located on the border between Malaysia and Thailand.

Goh Soo Heng has launched a warning to the parents. He asked them to take great care of children because they can fall into the hands of such organisations.

In Romania for example, according to a report from the authorities, over 3,000 children are reported missing by relatives or parents.

10,000 fraudulent surgeries occur annually

The World Health Organization estimates that each year, there is around 10,000 fraudulent surgery. Kidneys are the organ most trafficked, occupying 75% of the illicit trade in organs.

Annually, in the United States, over 65,000 patients have switched on waiting lists for a kidney transplant, and of them, approximately 3,000 patients die to wait for one. This high demand has led to the development of the black market and to the increase of traffic in human organs.

In some cases, desperate patients decide to travel to countries like India, Pakistan and China to deal directly with the organ traffickers.

People with financial problems are lured by traffickers who entice their prey through online advertisements, and in some cases, the donors are the ones who are selling their bodies carefully selected through online advertisements.

Although the commercial transplants are outlawed in China, wealthy patients from the Middle East, Asia or even Europe arrive here in order to be put in contact with a donor, willing to pay up to $ 200,000 for a healthy kidney.

"I was blindfolded and taken to a house somewhere in the country. Inside, it was established a complete block operator. I was frightened, but the doctors have anaesthetized me quickly. The client wanted to live and I wanted money", told a man.