It is Alana vs. Courtney in "The Apprentice" finale. Who will win the £250,000 investment and go into business with Lord Sugar? They are the two candidates left standing following weeks of gruelling tasks and the dreaded interview stage on the hit BBC show. Alana and Courtney have beaten some stiff competition, and now go head-to-head in Sunday's "The Apprentice" finale.

Will Alana win 'The Apprentice'?

Alana could have walked away from "The Apprentice" in the opening two weeks, as, overwhelmed by it all, she struggled to cope with life on the show.

Slowly but surely she emerged as a strong contender, so much so she finds herself with a 50/50 chance of winning. A mix of likeability, shrewd business sense, and a business plan -- a cake-making company that she is already making money from to prove that women can be successful in business -- that could well take off and become a huge success. These are all reasons why she deservedly earned her place in the final at the expense of other candidates. Will Lord Sugar have a sweet tooth and back Alana's already successful business, and choose to take a slice from the baking industry?

Will Courtney win 'The Apprentice'?

Courtney was the most successful candidate throughout the task stages of "The Apprentice", winning eight out of ten tasks, and on that basis alone deserves his place in the final.

He may be laid-back and bordering on the horizontal, not the greatest talker, and lacking in enthusiasm when he does speak, but there's no doubting Courtney's business acumen. The inventor from Essex comes up with novelty gift ideas that catch the eye and gets them to market quickly, and his business plan is the closest thing to Lord Sugar's initial years in business wheeling and dealing.

Will that see him over the line and into partnership with Lord Sugar?

'The Apprentice' winner -- who will it be?

Courtney has the business that Lord Sugar knows, but he is not adverse to taking a gamble, particularly when it comes to his investment on the "The Apprentice" and that puts Alana firmly in the frame. Cakes wouldn't be his expertise, but I think he'll opt to take a slice himself and tell the words "you're hired" to Alana. The winner will certainly have a greater chance of long-term success than this year's "X-Factor" winner, Matt Terry.