Political reporter Scott Conroy is shopping the scripts for the first and second episodes of an eight or ten-part limited drama series based on the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump around US TV networks, and they’re selling like hot cakes that only one person gets to buy in the end. The title of the proposed series is “Trump: It Happened Here,” and it’s a docudrama using headline stories from the past year or so to recreate the shady, scandalous, controversial campaign.

Trump’s unexpected road to the White House seemed impossible, and that’ll make for really great Television.

A twisted underdog story, flipping the convention that you root for the Balboa-style underdog and instead fear for the safety of the world.

The series opens over a decade ago

Deadline has managed to get a hold of the script and read it. The opening scene is reality television producer Mark Burnett pitching “The Apprentice” to NBC as “Survivor” meets “Friends.” He wants real estate magnate billionaire Donald Trump to present the show. The scripts also contain a scene featuring then-President Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which some believe is the speech that inspired Trump to run in the next election so that he could undo Obama’s legacy.

There’s plenty of Jeb Bush being humiliated into the script, and Mike Murphy facing the wrath of Trump.

There’s also a scene with Kelly’s Starbucks order, regarding the conspiracy theory that Trump drugged her the day that she moderated the first Republican debate when she was still at Fox News. Steve Bannon, trolling against whom Trump particularly lashes out at above anyone else who gets trolled, is described in the script as “paunchy,” looking like he “hasn’t shaved in two weeks and probably scooped up his wrinkled blue blazer off of his hotel room floor that morning.”

Conroy also has a book coming out

Political journalist Conroy has quite a few impressive entries on his resume beyond his new Trump script.

He used to be the senior political correspondent for The Huffington Post and now writes for Real Clear Politics. He also has a book due to be published imminently entitled “Vote First or Die.” His brilliant writing places you right at the Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney rallies that he reported from.

His Trump dialogue is quite on point.

His advisors tell him to “appear Presidential,” and he says, while he noshes on a Big Mac (symbol of American capitalism) “like a zoo animal” (Conroy’s words), “Don’t worry about it. I’m going to be so Presidential, you won’t believe it.” One pivotal scene recreates the shocking moment in which Trump mocked a New York Times reporter for being disabled.

There’s a scene at the CNN headquarters in which Jeff Zucker tells his team that Hillary Clinton is guaranteed to beat Trump to the White House, and calls covering that “Boring City,” which sets off a chain of events that sees fake news and unfair coverage tip the scales in Trump’s favour and cost Clinton the election.

This is not Conroy’s first foray into television

Conroy has most recently written a political comedy for Verizon go90 called “Embeds,” co-produced with Hollywood powerhouse Michael De Luca and ex-Fox News top-liner Megyn Kelly, while Trump has most recently undone four decades of anti-corruption fighting.