Italian Model Linda Morselli and Valentino Rossi were together for four years before their split. Linda Morselli and Valentino Rossi,who first met on the circuit in 2007 had their split last year before the 2016 MotoGP when "The Doctor" and left to be focused and win the MotoGP.

Now Linda is currently dating the FormulaOne star Fernando Alonso and they passed their first Valentine'a day together posting lovely photos on their Instagram accounts.

Rossi's future

Italian news papers also said that Valentino bought a Mini Cooper CountryMan to Linda before their split .

The millionaire biker is known for dating lot of Italian celebrities like Maddalena Corvaglia, Martina Stella,Mandala Ta, including George Clooney's ex, Elisabetta Canalis.

Self-confessed Valentino Rossi reportedly said: "I am not ready to get married but I'd love to have a son!"

Now "the Doctor" has come back Australia and he is ready to start the 2017 MotoGP in Qatar and Italian media say he is currently dating the Italian model Roberta Tirrito.

Who is Roberta Tirrito?

New Valentino Rossi partner, Roberta Tirrito, has Sicilian Blood and she was raised in southern Italy.

Roberta started her model career at 17 years old and she posed for very well known Italian magazines such as Maxim,Style Papers Italia and VIP settimanale.She also worked for American Apparel Italia in 2015.

After her first appearance on The TV channel Real Time in September 2016, she posed for GQ Italia in December 2016. She also posed for the magazine For Men in January 2017.

Roberta Tirrito is an Italian mega model and social media sensation. The ravishing model has carved a promising career in the fashion industry. She has recently launched a clothing line which has been streaming on her ‘Instagram’ page, where she has over 220,000 followers.

Her popularity has spiraled with further projects and she soon became famous on other social networking sites such as ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ as well. In just a few years, she has become the face of some mighty brands in Italy.