President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, has been secretly pushing the conspiracy theories against Hillary Clinton. He has a chequered past with regards to pushing conspiracy theories, such as those about the attack on U.S. diplomatic soil in Benghazi about which Michael Bay made his best film in years starring Jim Halpert, and about Islamic law making its way into Western mainstream culture.

Flynn tweeted the fake news about Pizzagate

Less than a week before the Presidential election, Flynn tweeted the fake news story about Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington DC being the base for an underground child sex abuse ring headed by Clinton.

The story said that New York police had found evidence of this in Clinton’s leaked emails, however, no such evidence has been found by any law enforcement agency.

Flynn used to be the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and is now Trump’s choice for national security adviser. His tweet, which is said to have lost Hillary votes in the election, accused Clinton and her staff of money laundering, sex trafficking, child molestation, and perjury, before simply writing, “U decide,” to the voters. Well, they did decide, and a good many Americans believe they made the wrong decision.

Flynn is to blame for all the Pizzagate consequences

Flynn is behind all of this. It’s his fault that James Alefantis, a good man, local business owner, and avid Hillary supporter, is being terrorised along with his staff and his and their families for a heinous crime they did not commit, his name and that of his business being tarnished by the media.

It’s Flynn’s fault that an armed man stormed the pizzeria to, in his own words, “self-investigate” and threatened the employees with a loaded assault rifle, firing shots before being taken down by Washington police. It’s Flynn’s fault that Hillary lost the election (which I’m sure he’s very happy with since he’s got this nice new job in charge of national security, I’m sure Americans will be able to sleep easy knowing that’s his responsibility).

Thank you, Flynn.

There is still not a single scrap of evidence whatsoever to support the Pizzagate conspiracy theories, and yet many Trump supporters are still spreading the story around as fact, making Alefantis’ life hell, as well as sullying Hillary Clinton’s name with outrageous lies about paedophilia. Michael G. Flynn, Lt.

Gen. Flynn’s son, spoke out on Sunday after the shooting to say that the shooter was doing the right thing, since Pizzagate still has yet to be proven false. (It still has yet to be proven right too, Michael. So far, it’s just something someone said one day that a load of Trump-loving hicks have jumped on as fact because they want to believe she’s even worse than him and they chose the right candidate.)

Flynn’s son is even worse than his dad

The younger Flynn seems to have even more of a proclivity for spreading conspiracy theories about Clinton. Take a look at his Twitter feed and you’ll see that he blames Hillary and Obama for the conflict in Syria, and has accused Bill Clinton of raping a teenage girl.

He also wrote a tweet suggesting that whites-only dating sites were fine, comparing them to the black audience-skewering TV network BET (not the same type of thing, white people are allowed to watch BET), but he deleted it when it was discovered by CNN.