American Horror Story” producer Ryan Murphy, whose other produced shows include “Scream Queens” and “The People vs OJ Simpson,” appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” to promote his latest anthology drama series, “Feud,” when he was asked about the upcoming seventh season of his horror series. He then revealed that the subject of the new season will be the 2016 Presidential election. This is the second TV drama based on Trump to be announced today.

‘Maybe’ a character based on Trump

Murphy said that while he has yet to title the season (previous seasons of “American Horror Story” have had subtitles like “Asylum” and “Freak Show”), the season will “begin shooting in June” and will is “be about the election that we just went through,” which he believes will be “interesting for a lot of people.” Murphy was then asked if the season would feature a character based on President Donald Trump, to which he slyly responded, “Maybe.”

The subject of a season of “American Horror Story” is always a hotly anticipated reveal, be it a haunted house or a coven of witches or something more cryptic that people have to then look into like children, which eventually led to the terrible “Roanoke.” John Landgraf, the network head, told reporters at TCA that he already knew the basis of Season 7, but kept it under wraps, saying only that he was “really excited” about the idea.

“AHS” regulars and frequent Murphy collaborators Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson have been confirmed to return for the new season.

The series is still growing in popularity

Despite its massive success, “American Horror Story” still isn’t done attracting new fans. The last season, “Roanoke,” bowed out with 10% more audience than the one before it, “Hotel.” 2.45 million viewers tuned in to see “Roanoke” wrap up its run, with a lucrative 1.3 rating. Due to this, FX has renewed “American Horror Story” for eighth and ninth seasons to follow its upcoming seventh. Networks only make multi-season orders for shows they are totally confident about, but after six years of some of the most popular water-cooler Television ever to hit airwaves, whether people like it all or not, “AHS” has more than earned that confidence.

In other Ryan Murphy-related news, today Edgar Ramirez and Darren Criss were confirmed to be starring in “Versace,” the planned third season of “American Crime Story” focusing on an infamous murder. The first season was the wildly successful “The People vs OJ Simpson,” while the second, “Katrina,” is set to premiere next year, six months before “Versace” begins (it’s a weird schedule).

Also, “Feud,” a show about famous feuds, premieres this March. The first season, “Bette and Joan,” tells the story of the clash between ageing actresses Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) and Joan Crawford (“AHS” regular Jessica Lange) when they were shooting “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”