Caitlyn Jenner, an icon for transgender people with ideologies of tolerance and inclusivity, has lashed out at President Donald Trump for removing trans youths’ right to use whichever bathroom they identity with in federal government-owned public schools. But surprisingly, her opinion of Trump hasn’t always been this sour.

What she said back then

Back when Trump was on the campaign trail, he manipulated the LGBTQ community to vote for him by speaking out against a North Carolina bill banning the restroom rights of trans people in the state. Back then, Jenner said that Trump “seems very much behind the LGBT community because of what happened in North Carolina with the bathroom issue.” She said that he “backed the LGBT community,” and that’s a community in which Jenner’s opinion carries a lot of weight.

“Trump seems to be very much for women,” she said. Hillary Clinton seemed very much for women as well, you know, since she is one.

What she’s saying now

Now, Jenner has changed her mind about Trump. She took to Instagram to slam Trump’s administration, particularly bigoted Attorney General Jeff Sessions (although she didn’t mention him by name to avoid a suit). She called the administration “bullies” and said that they “suck” and that they are “losers” who are “going to keep losing.” She called them “weak,” saying that they “pick on kids or...women or anyone (they) think is vulnerable.” She branded Sessions as “insecure,” and concluded, “See you in court!” as “a brave young man named Gavin Grimm” is taking them to the Supreme Court, which all sounds deliciously “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.”