President Donald Trump has withdrawn Barack Obama’s law to let transgender youths in public schools use whichever bathroom they want to according to their gender identity. In effect, the Trump administration are taking away the LGBTQ community’s human rights. Reality TV star and transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner has spoken out against Trump, saying he’s gone back on his promise to protect transgender people.

Jenner’s comments have been met with a mixed response from the public, as many have taken to Twitter to voice either support or disdain for the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star.

One commenter tweeted, “Shame on @Caitlyn_Jenner for not standing up for Mxns, Blacks, and gays/lesbians, yet found a voice when Trump came after her rights.” This chillingly echoes the famous Martin Niemöller poem “First They Came...”

Celebrities are joining the debate

Author and documentarian Tariq Nasheed, who based on his name presumably has a qualm or two about the Muslim-banning US President, tweeted, “Wait..So #CaitlynJenner who is a republican who voted for Trump, is now mad that Trump is throwing the #LGBTQ community under the bus? #LOL.”

The general consensus appears to be that Jenner shouldn’t be surprised by Trump’s actions, since he made it very clear that he was like this by the general facade of his campaign, where she is drawing her concept of Trump’s LGBTQ stance from just one quote amid an entire year of bigotry and controversial comments against minority groups.