Hillary Clinton won every Presidential debate, laid out succinct policies that would improve America, and has stood boldly in the face of abuse throughout her entire career. So why did she lose the election to Donald Trump, a reality TV star who wants to build a $25 billion wall along the southern border? Well, I’ll tell you.

Hillary’s supporters were not as outspoken as Trump’s

While supporters of Trump were firing their guns from the rooftops and screaming, “Donald Trump should be the next President of the United States,” Hillary Clinton supporters kept kind of quiet throughout the whole campaign.

Then, when some Republicans started to have second thoughts about their candidate and considered possibly making the leap to the Light Side of the Force and saw this, they perceived it as “even the Democrats aren’t enthusiastic about Clinton, so Trump must be the lesser of two evils since at least his party supports him.”

No slogans

Hillary had no snappy slogans that stated her Politics loud and clear. Her politics were vague. Agree with them or not, everyone knew exactly what Trump’s intentions would be as President. We knew he wanted to ban Muslims from America, we knew he wanted to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, we knew he wanted to make Mexico pay for it, we knew he wanted to “Make America Great Again,” and we knew he wanted to kiss women who didn’t want to kiss him.

If Hillary had made some solid promises, she would’ve gotten more votes.

The people who didn’t vote

Republicans restricted voting in states not protected by the Voting Rights Act, and almost 100 million Americans chose not to vote. I mean come on, vote for God’s sake. Just pick someone (ideally Hillary). You don’t have to love them, you just have to prefer them over the others.

You, not voting doesn’t mean there won’t be a President. Lazy hippies.

Jill Stein

Green Party candidate Jill Stein was adamant throughout her entire campaign that Hillary was just as bad as Trump. And now Stein is proposing a recount in three states where she believes foul play prevented Hillary from winning. We all know she doesn’t want Hillary to win and this recount has no chance of success since, as Trump pointed out, Hillary conceded, but Stein is using it to exploit the hope of devastated Democrats, demanding $9 million more than the $500,000 asking price.

The media

The media’s Presidential race coverage sucked. They acted as if Hillary’s little email scandal was on par with all of Trump’s lies and manipulation and prejudice, and spent three-quarters of all Hillary time talking about the emails, with only the other quarter for her politics. A lot of voters essentially rely on the media to tell them who to vote for, and at this, the media failed.


Russia wanted Trump to win, so they did everything in their power (and it’s Russia, so we’re talking about a lot of power) to ensure Hillary lost. They hacked Podesta’s emails, they hacked the DNC, and they spread a load of fake news about Hillary, and it worked. And speaking of the fake news...

Fake news

Pushed by Trump adviser Michael T. Flynn, six days before the election, news broke of a child sex-abuse ring that Hillary Clinton was running out of a Washington DC pizzeria. It was all a hoax, but it has led to real consequences: a shooting incident. Spreading fake news is dangerous. Hillary faced a tonne of false news this year. Some claim she secretly has MS or Parkinson’s murdered a DNC employee among others and has a body double for public appearances when she’s sick. Voters didn’t know what to believe, so they played it safe by believing it all and voted for Trump at their behest.


The biggest reason for Hillary’s loss. Trump supporters see her as this evil, deceitful, “nasty woman” purely she’s female. In reality, that’s more like Trump, but misogynists don’t mind men who are like that.