Episode four of 'The Walking Dead’s' seventh season has just concluded and viewers are left feeling as uneasy as ever. Negan has come to visit Alexandria earlier than expected and not only does he bring an incredibly large force with him, he also brings Daryl. Daryl is used as somewhat of a centerpiece for the episode because he represents the broken spirit of the group. Negan knows this and he uses it to his full advantage.

Negan’s victory over Rick

The entire theme of the episode was one of dominance. Negan has a very casual attitude towards claiming the offering from Alexandria and it can be seen in his snide smile throughout the episode.

Negan has Rick toting around Lucille, as he did in the comic book, and he holds on to her through the entire episode. Carl becomes frustrated with Negan’s men taking all of their medicine and fires a warning shot. Negan hears this and intervenes, much to the dismay of Rick and as a result, Negan decides that the Saviors need to confiscate all of the guns in Alexandria.

While out on a run, Rosita and Spencer are forced by Dwight to bring back Daryl’s Bike. Rosita has other plans however as she has a gun stashed somewhere in the woods and almost dies trying to get it back. Speaking of guns, back in Alexandria, Rick runs into a problem when it comes to light that two sidearm weapons are missing from the inventory.

It turns out they were hidden in Spencer’s house because he thought he may need them to protect himself against Rick at some point. The two men have a confrontation near the end of the episode where Rick lays out the truth for Spencer, that he’s weak and lucky that Rick’s group came along when they did.

Consequences for betrayal

This episode may have answered many questions fans had about the state of Rick’s group and Alexandria as a whole but it also did something else. Episode four of 'The Walking Dead' has shown us that, while Rick may be willing to submit to Negan’s rule for the safety of others, not everyone there is willing to play ball.

Rosita, with her hidden gun, goes to Eugene and orders him to make her a bullet, which can’t possibly end well. Michonne remains defiant after learning that the bulk of what was taken by Negan’s men was simply burned and left on the side of the road. The most important act of defiance that should be noted from this episode is from Spencer. It’s clear that he doesn’t trust Rick and wants him removed from power but what is he willing to do to attain that goal? This will most likely have huge implications for the mid-season finale.

Rick’s new reality

The way things are now is how Rick seems to be willing to leave them. While those around him may not agree with it, it is the reality that they need to accept.

This is made abundantly clear when Rick is on his knees arranging his bed and makes a confession to Michonne. Rick tells her about Shane, about what Shane did for his family when this all started. He tells her that his wife Lori and Shane had a relationship when they thought Rick was dead in the Hospital. To the shock of long time viewers, Rick finally admits to himself and the audience that he knows Judith is not his child. It is in this moment that we finally see just how far Rick has fallen.

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