Grey Sloan Memorial is all prepared to bid adieu to one of its doctors before the end of Season 13. How will the writers write off the character from "Grey’s Anatomy", the popular prime time medical drama aired on Thursdays on ABC which broke records and went on to become a huge success,is still being hindered upon, without clue?

As reported by TV Line on Tuesday, the character that we would finally say goodbye to from the hospital soap opera would be none other than Dr. Stephanie Edwards played by Jerrika Hinton (35) who has been a part of the Grey Sloan since Season 9 (2012).

Shonda Rhimes the culprit behind Dr. Stephanie’s exit

Even though Shonda Rhimes is infamous for cutting off main characters from her series this time in spite of being the third character in row to exit the scene of "Grey’s Anatomy", it’s not Shonda’s doing. Jerrika Hinton is all set to walk out the doors of Grey Sloan for she has landed up a meaty role rather main lead role in an upcoming HBO Series from Alan Ball also starring Holly Hunter.

Season 11 saw the death and departure of Dr.

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Season 12 farewell of Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and now Season 13 will become witness to exit of Dr. Stephanie Edwards. It is still being speculated though whether her exit would be maneuvered in a way that would leave a possibility of her re-entry or would she be leaving the show for good.

Jerrika bags the star role in HBO New Series of Alan Ball

Though Hinton was well-liked for her warmth in the drama and her fans would be disappointed yet they are already wishing her for her new endeavor where she plays an adopted child who is fighting with her cultural identity trying to emerge as a winner in the untitled HBO series revolving around a multi generational and multi racial family.

Though "Grey’s Anatomy" has not yet been renewed for the 14th season, but with the kind of appraisal and reviews Shonda’s serials get, million fans that watch serials written by her should not worry much, it’s bound to hit the TV screens with a fresh season. The show it seems would only go off air or suffer a setback with something impromptu happening to Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). What happens further in Grey’s Anatomy is in the dark and the only feasible persons who know it are its writers.