Brandon Block has walked from the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, making him the second celebrity to leave this year's series. His departure comes days after American RnB singer Ray J left the house after suffering from dental issues. Despite the two premature departures, this Friday's planned eviction will still go ahead.

The 50-year-old DJ, who rose to fame in the nineties, was taken to hospital last weekend just days after the show started with complaints of chest pains.

Why he left

Speaking to his housemates, Brandon explained his decision to leave saying, "I've not been happy for a few days.

I love you all. I really mean that. I'm just not myself. It's a great experience but I'm just not feeling (like) me. I don't want to sit out there all day and just smoke. Crack on everyone, and kick its ass!"

Continuing his explanation in an official statement released after he left, Brandon Block said, "I'm incredibly honoured to have the experience, it was wonderful, but I wasn't feeling myself. May the best man or woman win."

The famous club DJ signed up to take part in the show after a £2000 a week cocaine habit left him in debt. Brandon gained a name for himself as a party animal and in 1996, doctors told him that if he did not go to rehab he would only have weeks to live.

In January 2016, he revealed that he had a job at psychiatric hospital Bethlem Royal Hospital, in Beckenham, South East London.

This week's eviction

The housemates who still face eviction this Friday are James Cosmo, Stacy Francis, Austin Armacost, Spencer and Heidi Pratt and Angie Best. Ray J was also among the nominated housemates who face the first eviction of the series. The television series has said that anyone who voted for Ray J to be evicted will be refunded their money.

Unlike Brandon who seems happy with his decision to leave, Ray J has threatened to sue "Celebrity Big Brother". The 35-year-old has expressed his disappointment at the fact that his early departure may mean that he may not receive his $1million fee (£815,977) according to his contract with the show.