Brandon Block went out of the "Celebrity Big Bro" House on Wednesday.He was happy but he couldn't take the pressure any longer - something that's absolutely fine and to be respected.

What did he tell his colleagues before leaving?

"Celebrity Big Brother "Brandon said he likes them all really but just cannot take it any longer.

He commented it's not his thing to just be hanging out and smoking the whole day. This is something that puts him high in my ranks of admiration. That's a problem of passive people who can just be doing nothing productive the whole day.

It's a worldwide problem and a big problem in the Philippines as well.

Brandon did have some medical problems to be attended, hopefully not because of smoking too much, though it was related to chest pains. It could be nerves or really a smoking problem.

Doctors checked him up right away as fast as he exited the house and will keep on checking him until he is out of any doubt of illness. Don't worry, we will report here as soon as we have more news about him.

Someone who will for sure miss him will be Stacy Francis, she sort of confessed she found him hot. No wonder, because he is a doer. He has been active for so many years and exudes confidence and achievements.

'Celebrity Big Brother' made his claim to fame

'Celebrity Big Brother' made his claim to fame in the eighties and nineties being the founding member of techno group The Aloof. He had a big scandal getting into a violent situation with a member of the Rolling Stones during the Brit Awards. Thankfully he already is over his drug problem and now is a new man.

Age has given him the wisdom needed.

In other news, singer Ray J left "Celebrity Big Brother" as well also for medical problems. He is reported to already be OK now on his Facebook page. But so far no sign he will go back to the House.

He wants to get in as soon as possible badly, but the last word about this will rely on the program itself. The channel has to decide if it's within the rules and if it is fair and interesting to take him back in.

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