"Celebrity Big Brother" 19 Hosted By Emma Willis and narrated by Marcus Bentley kicked off on Jan 3, 2017, on Channel 5 has a crew of contestants having clashing personas, and that makes entertainment and gossips trail all over.

Tom defends Nicola

The latest gossip is the heated story including Nicola McLean and her husband Tom Williams who seemed upset over his wife's open showering of kisses and very naughty and flirty exchanges with footballer Jamie O Hara. Tom, however, broke his silence over his wife’s naughty advances with another housemate at bbuk and tweeted in defense of Nicola.

Nicola was with Psychiatrist

Tom quoted that after his wife was filmed exchanging kisses and inviting Jamie O Hara to her bed after the lights went off, she had spent a whole day with a psychiatrist while she was in the house but the channel did not show that.

Did Tom cheat on her in the past ..yes she claimed

Om Monday Nicola surprised all housemates as she got extremely flirty with Jamie and kissed him on cheeks. She remarked that she had a free card as her husband had also cheated on her in the past.

Nicola McLean gets all kisses and cuddles with Jamie O'Hara

She got intimate with Jamie who continued putting wine in her glass in the smoking area.Nicola also hinted that they had a lip lock before and asked if he hated her.

To this Jamie had quickly replied that he loved her and also offered to take her to her bed. The duo kept cuddling, and Jamie sent Tom a message not to worry and whatever happening was just cool.

Jamie offers her help to get into pajamas, but she calls him in bed

The model continued to giggle and rubbed footballer’s thigh and suggested that as they have done it before, so they can do it again.

As the pair made the way to the bedroom with rest of the inmates, Nicola admitted that she was too drunk and Jamie then offered to get her into her pajamas.

But the bombshell went a step further and invited the athlete to her bed after the lights went off.

Her moves shocked everyone and viewers commented that she was getting divorced next morning. Viewers also blamed Jamie for stopping her with too much wine and everything looked too awkward.But latest is the defensive tweets Tom had given in his wife’s favor and looks things to remain between Nicola and Tom and not as she feared.