dstrkt nightclub has come under fire after two girls claimed that they were refused entry on Saturday night (Feb 4) because they were black.

The accusations

Documenting their experience on Twitter, users @CiindersLiz and @eviekas tweeted a number of news outlets, saying that they had booked a birthday table at DSTRKT. They alleged that despite having booked a table at the Mayfair venue, they were not allowed in.

It was also suggested that they were not the only ones who were not allowed into the venue, as one of the women claimed that "black (sic) and Asians were turned away" as well.

This led to the nightclub trending on Twitter for most of Sunday.

One of the women also shared a letter that she had addressed to mayor Sadiq Khan, stating that it would be "naive" to assume that he knew nothing about the club's practices. She also described DSTRKT as "cancerous" to the city.

DSTRKT denies the claims

The nightclub responded to the women's accusations of racism, stating, "This is completely false and extremely sad by your part to say this (sic)". The women tweeted back to DSTRKT's denial claiming that it was true, as it was their experience of the night before.

The backlash

This is not the first time that DSTRKT has come under fire over its entry policy, as in 2015 a group of girls took to Twitter to reveal that they were not allowed into the club due to their appearance.

Posting images of a WhatsApp conversation with a promoter for the club, the girls claimed that they were not allowed in because they were "too dark" and "too fat". They also alleged that when they got to DSTRKT, they were made to line up against a wall and be examined by the manager, who eventually decided not to let them in.

The incident resulted in people protesting outside the club, holding signs with the statement, "DoILookDstrkt?" and deciding to boycott the venue.

It also led to popular r'n'b singer Omarion pulling out of a scheduled appearance at the last minute. He tweeted his sudden decision saying, "I will not be attending #DstrktLondon tonight period."