The reality show “Love Island” (the show that takes 12 single participants to a magnificent villa in Majorca to see if love strikes between any of them) sighted the 20 year old glamour model from Liverpool as a new entry after eight finalists were left. Her sensuous charms and seductive demeanor helped her to easily maneuver her way around the hearts of million fans and the contestants, making her one of the hot favorites. The show suddenly saw fireworks when she flirtatiously admitted to having her eyes on both Alex Bowen and Adam Maxted.

Her brief interlude with Adam ended bitterly and she seemed to find solace in the companionship of a newly found friend Sophie Gradon.

As they started to come closer, the show became a silent witness to a torrid affair between two women emerging as the show’s first lesbian couple. Love bypassed Katie yet again when Sophie left the “Love Island” villa for her boyfriend Tom Powell.

Wandering souls seek solidarity

Even while entering the show, Katie had openly proclaimed to be a bisexual revealing that she had dated more women than men. In a disclosure to The Daily Star she said: 'In a way I feel like I'm finding myself a little bit more because I'm not shy now. I'm more open to getting with a girl cause everyone knows [I'm bisexual].' On being asked about the kind of men or women she liked dating, her spunky approach momentarily bared her inner intensity as she admitted to preferring mature men over gawky boys and being attracted to women who were not shy and afraid to chase their dreams.

Katie was spotted with many women thereafter happily embracing her sexuality and at peace with herself but that twinge of loneliness did not vanquish and her eyes roved for a partner who could make her complete portraying The unspoken anguish. Love knocked again in the former “Love Island” star’s life in the form of Danielle Whittaker and she introduced her to the world earlier in the month of December 2016.

Love knows no respite

On 11th January, 2017, Katie was spotted indulging with Dani in a passionate interlude on their romantic holiday in Spain, their first break away together where they could barely keep their hands off each other or hide their feelings.

One wonders if these two women have finally found their other halves in each other and if those tender and passionate kisses and their open demonstration of sentiments for each other is anything to go by, they sure have, though only time will reveal the depth of their commitment to each other.