In Turkey, the popularity of "Cesur ve Güzel" continues to grow as each day passes. On YouTube, each week the show's new episodes gain hundred of thousands of views within 24 hours. One of the reasons for this popularity is possibly the significant chemistry between Cesur (Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ) and Sühan (Tuba Büyüküstün); the blossoming connection between them was clearly enough to put them at the top of the rating board for their Thursday slot. What happened in the latest episode of the popular show? Read below to find out.

Will Sühan be able to solve Cesur’s mystery?

After deciding to solve Cesur’s mysterious persona, Sühan has followed and cornered her prey just as a good hunter does. To expose his lies, she finds his Istanbul home and knocks on the door. However, the scene that the door opens to leaves Sühan in a difficult position. Cesur is shocked by Sühan’s pretentious behaviour but, is also happy that he has received an advantage. Just as the pregnancy scam is on the verge of being exposed, Cahide succeeds in prolonging the game that she started with Hülya; she now has another ally to help her on this difficult journey. The effects of the tension between Tahsin Korludağ and Mihriban grows as time passes.

Adalet and Mihriban come face to face and, after being insulted in the middle of the town, Adalet seeks Tahsin’s help to punish Mihriban.

Cesur Distances himself from Sühan

During the unexpected visit, Sühan discovers a very personal detail about Cesur’s life which leaves her in amazement of him. The dinner date that Cesur and Sühan share together in Istanbul will only bring them closer together.

The only person who is uncomfortable with their growing relationship is Banu. The closer he gets to Sühan, the more Cesur feels he should stay away from her. However, Cesur vows to never forget the promise he has made to his family and himself. He will keep Sühan far from himself and will take back the life that Tahsin Korludağ’ has stolen from him. While he gets to work on his plan without wasting any time, he is not aware that Sühan will cross his path once again.