With over 400 million videos uploaded toYouTube, it comes as no surprise that the ratio of decent viewing to below average footage is skewing towards the latter. With over a billion users, most of which having access to the site 24/7 via the ultimate prosumer tool in the form of a smartphone at their disposal, it is not hard to imagine the quality of the majority of the uploads.

It's a Trap

Most uploads will consist of nothing more than a kid wielding an iPhone 600 (or whatever it is) at a wall or the dreaded takeaway eating reviews that entails someone who is clammy even in winter attempting to fit a supersized burger into their grease stained mouth.

The YouTube community is flooding with a wave of Cringe Compilation videos that condone blatant plagiary because someone spent 10 minutes watching a "how to create swag mlg intro" using adobe Aftereffects. Don’t worry, using that same replicated intro will definitely hide the fact that you have stolen others content… just don’t forget the generic trap song and ironic annotations that describe how you need subscribers to keep the channel growing as you hit a million views whereas the source you forgot to mention remains at a measly 1,000. Times are definitely tough enough already for the smaller YouTuber's with monetization being impacted with services such as ad blockeron the rise.

Effectively Porn

The number of clickbait thumbnails is a growing epidemic. The promise of slipped-nips entices viewers in there millions. On most occasions that cute girl in the thumbnail doesn’t even feature in the video! Clickbait is frequent in the suggestion sections after clicking on a cringe compilation or will appear after watching another dreary ‘Top 10” video.

All you will get from clicking on one of these videos is regret and the sour feeling of knowing that someone out there has benefitted from your lust to watch a form of soft-core pornography on YouTube… What ever happened to the days of Babestation or stealing adult magazines from train stations? Did it die with the knowledge that Donald Trump Featured in a Playboy magazine?

Keeping YouTube Alive

YouTuber’s such as Filthy Frank struggle in a sea of pointless uploads and stolen footage, producing original content that never ceases to brighten my evenings. This man, this legend, is the epitome of YouTube entertainment, held as a holy grail along side the obscure trippy videos one can find through hours of digging. He reminds me of an earlier Ethan from H3H3 productions but with a more sinister sense of humor and less needy approach. May his words of wisdom guide you, “Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo” – Filthy Frank.