Wesley 'Wes' Anderson is back at it again...

From the man who started his quirky career with the creation of the short film Bottle Rocket, Wesley 'Wes' Anderson is back to the screens with a Christmas special for your senses. H&M (Hennes and Mauritz) known for its numerous famous campaigns; Kenzo, David Beckham, #WorldRecycleWeek, #LadyLike and more, have now introduced the spirit of Wes Anderson and his child-like passion of miracles, growth and adventure.

A man who just oozes out child-like naivety- what a surprise indeed to be given the gift of a Christmas miracle by the child wizard himself.

Starring one of his well-known actors (Adrien Brody), Anderson directs a gentle colourful Christmas ad that warms the hearts of all alike, from child to adult, you truly #cometogether for the angelic presence of what Christmas is all about.

Even for a short 4-minute clip; we gain the true meaning of Christmas, a birth of togetherness and the importance of children from the quirky director. Anderson predominately recognised for his use of children in telling a narrative, seen within examples such as Moonrise Kingdom,The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Rushmore being just a few. Anderson uses this Christmas ad to breathe live into the child and highlight the curious creative nature becoming lost from growing up into an adult.

Anderson desires all to be creative this Christmas, to pull away from our busy schedules and remember the true Christmas message. That #comingtogether really isn't too bad.

A constant surprise

Presenting the audience with a beautifully distinctive designed H&M Lines Winter Express, the passengers are told of a delay and are welcomed to a Christmas brunch.

A brunch that almost subconsciously highlights the Christmas dinner that whole heartedly brings us all together. With a mixture of cultures coming together, a caring driver, real life events such as delays and a dazzling party to finish the havoc- what a wonderful way of depicting the Christmas spirit this time of year.