After such a successful H&M video, this December, Wes Anderson has announced a new film to join the world of animation. In affiliation with CrowdRise; a fundraising site for personal funds, projects and so on, Anderson is energising this year's Christmas spirit with a dash of giving, collaboration and inspiration from his fans and curious cast working on this stop motion animation.

According to CrowdRise; a foundation generously founded by one of his co-stars, Edward Norton. Anderson has released a short video explaining more about his upcoming film "Isle of Dogs" and how he wishes for his fans to get more involved and active in his upcoming project.

To feel involved through the motion of 'giving' and 'receiving', two prominent actions, Anderson harmlessly and subconsciously presents his films. This is seen arguably within "Moonrise Kingdom" through the letter exchanges, "The Grand Budapest Hotel" with Gustave's excessive need to provide for his guests and the most recent "H&M" advert of uniting our spirits together to wholesomely feel the gift the giving.

The world of giving glistens with the hope of Wes Anderson

Supplementary, Anderson is giving the chance of a dedicated fan to join the set of "Isle of Dogs" and have a chance to voice one of the dogs in the marvelous canine creation - a chance to add some personality and breathe life into Anderson's vision.

Not only is this creation fascinating to the Christmas spirit, Anderson is supporting his usual counterparts in this animation; actors such as Tilda Swinton and Edward Norton will both be appearing in this wacky world of Wes Anderson. Both of them have star parts in his whimsical love piece "Moonrise Kingdom" and with Tilda Swinton having a terrific performance in her latest big hit "Dr.

Strange" - what is more enchanting than adding to that starlight of fame and recognition.

A canine adventure with Wes Anderson

Showing a very short snippet of the dog Edward Norton will be voicing, Anderson has also announced several others who will be joining his harmonious adventure, these include; Bill Murray, Yoko Ono, Jeff Goldblum, Scarlett Johannson and a bundle more. With this splendid stop motion animation entering the screens, the audience must wait and stay engaged by the amazing adventures and 'gifts of giving' Anderson has wrapped underneath his sleeves.