The colours, the vortex, the time travel, the portals. A psychedelic experience with a splash of comedic magic. Absorb the power.. the strange way.

Marvel surprises us once again

Here we have a ‘strange’ cycle of events; an overly arrogant surgeon, an intoxicated lover, a temple of worshipers, and a library of secrets. Dr Strange is a Marvel like-capture. It makes you reflect on the trails of life, the shadows following you as well as the strength needed to prevail, and not to mention the trail to brokenness and betrayal.

Scott Derrickson’s depiction of Strange comes to life in this electrifying action-packed philosophical tale of a man who loses everything to gain everything.

(Almost, secretly referencing the world of Fitcher’s Fight Club and the famous 1999 quote "It’s only after we’ve lost everything, that we are free to do anything.” [Fight Club, 1999]) Cunningly, playing along the lines of ‘you win some, you lose some’ in this death-tying #Marvel dimension of #villains v #superheroes.

Cutting slices from the Marvel character ‘Dr Strange’ illustrated by Steve Ditko and created by the ol’ famous American comic writer: Stan Lee. Derrickson brings a collection of actors to the awaken Stan Lee’s written fantasy. From Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange to Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One - this Marvel depiction awakens.

Cumberbatch displays a different side to his acting

Using Benedict Cumberbatch, Derrickson transforms Cumberbatch into Dr Stephen Strange who plays a conceited doctor who loses his ability to perform surgical operations from a horrendous car crash. Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) awakens to find his fingers severely damaged with nerve damage and unable to perform his tasks of being a surgeon.

With no avail, Dr Strange falls into a pit of anguish, desperation, and severe angst and desires a solution so that he can go back to work and have a purpose. Hearing about a man who was cured from being paralysed, Dr Strange embarks on a trip to learn more about this Ancient One, who can cure and perform miracles. At this point, with nothing to lose, Dr Strange embarks on a journey that will transform and change his life forever.

A journey that truly differs the superhero's from the ordinary.

It might be worth the watch, as you may be in for something beyond the levels of this universe!