A lot of confusion prevails in the Wednesday, December, 7th episode of "Ishqbaaz" on the issue of who (Tia or Anika) is the real wife of Shivaay.

The episode starts with Shivaay telling his family members that his marriage was staged and his real wife is Tia, as soon as he gives divorce to Anika he will marry Tia. That's all he can say on this matter.

Tia uses this opportunity to clarify on why she ran away from the wedding mandap. She says she didn't do anything wrong; she was kidnapped at the time of marriage and Shivaay had to marry someone else.

Anika has the compassion of Dadi and other members of the Oberoi family. After everyone disperses, Dadi tells Anika that she is the real wife of Shivaye and she has all the right to stay in his room.

Tia tries to seduce Shivaay

Tia reaches Shivaay's room and locks the door from inside; she tells him that she is feeling very depressed and wants his company. She tries to seduce him by hugging him. During this time, Dadi brings Anika to Shivaa's room, and they both open the door and see Tia and Shivay hugging each other.

Angry Dadi enters the room, and says's the rituals of marriage have to be followed in this family. Honeymoon cannot be before the wedding.

She tells them that until you both get married, Tia is the guest in this house, and she should behave that way.

She adds, only Anika has the right to stay in Shivaay's room as they both have married. Rudra enters the room and taunts Tia that he will escort her to the guest room and forcefully takes her away.

Anika refuses to live with Shivaye in his room

Anika tries to get out of the room, but Shivaay stops her, but she say's she is getting suffocated in the room in his presence and says she was keeping quiet for the sake of Dadi and moves out saying she will return back before Dadi wakes up early morning.

In the next scene, Ranveer takes Priyanka to show her sister who is lying on the bed. He informs her that she was the victim of the accident was in the hospital for two years as she was in coma. Priyanka had thought that she came under her car and had died. She is relieved to see her alive.

The episode ends with Priyanka telling her brother Om that the victim of the accident is alive and she is none other than inspector Randhawa's sister.