Bella Hadid got blonde hair, took off her clothes and posed topless for the provocative Paper magazine.

Having piercing on her chest, black lipstick on her lips and wearing almost nothing (!), Bella Hadid seemed unrecognizable through Nicolas Moore, lens.

Making funny faces, wearing transparent corsets,and leather jackets, Bella Hadid shows that is not only an Angel but she has a sexy-rock side, as well.

Bella taking over from Gigi?

For the photoshoot, the famous model chose Gucci and Dior, indicating that besides the catwalk she can be amazing in photoshoots, too.

At the same time, this period seems to be really hard for her. According to People magazine, Bella Hadid and The Weekend are no longer together. The rapper is said that doesn't have enough time for her, because he has to finish and then promote his new album. Both of them, though say that they are still friends.

They met in April 2015, when Bella agreed to be photoshooted for the Canadian singer's album, called "The beauty behind the madness."

However none of them has not confirmed their break up, yet.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that these two are said not to be together anymore. Last year in December there were rumors that they broke up, but eventually that was not true. In reality they were full in love and you could see that from a romantic walk they had in front of the cameras.

Now, however, the end seems definitive since Bella recently went in Lakers match without him. She chose to go there with her friend and also angel of Victoria's Secret, Kendall Jenner, so maybe now she just wants to be surrounded by friends.

A new boyfriend already?

Plus to this, they are many who say that she already found the love in someone else.

Odell Beckham Jr is his name and he is said to be her new partner in life.

Reportedly, Odell learned that Bella broke up and was free and naturally lost no opportunity to make the move. "Odell and Bella know each other for a long time and now they are together. And they really enjoy very much each other's company", said a friend of her.

We do not know for sure if all this is true, but if the scenarios are real, a new start in life is always welcome...!