The latest episode of "Ishqbaaz" aired on Star Plus in India was full of twists and turns as Tia runs away from the wedding hall and gets kidnapped. As fans sit glued to their screens, waiting for another nerve thrilling twist, yet again Anika manages to walk away with their sympathies on one end whereas Shiva's stopping his mom in the end, as she raises her hand to hit Anika.

This evokes feelings of wondrous presumptions that something would cook up between Anika and Shiva, in the upcoming episodes.

Though Shivay has managed to save his family’s name and grace by forcing Anika into a marriage, the whole family is shocked and furious when they find out that it is not Tia whom Shivaye has married, but Anika.

Wedding rituals incomplete

Shivaye assists Anika to sneak out stealthily during the night but is caught off guard when he finds his family waiting to complete the rituals of the marriage.

After a lot of conversational drama, finally, Shivay manages to convince his family to postpone the rituals for the next day. Heaving a sigh of relief is futile for Shivaay as Anika gets caught in the 'mooh dikhai rasam', which unveils her identity.

And who should the credit go to? Definitely to Shivay’s brother Om, for his slick manoeuvring to disclose Anika’s betrayal, unaware that Shivaay is the brain behind it all.

On the other hand, Tia, Shivaye’s supposed to be wife, who had run away with someone else, is taken to task by her mother and forewarned of Shivay’s scorn that would destroy them financially and emotionally for the way Tia had humiliated him.

Whereas some feel lost and angry by the confusing and alluring world of the rich, they are touched by Anika’s secret conversation with her brother Sahil and the pure and profound love they share.

The director knows how to tap that emotional nerve of the audiences!

If you want to catch up, in short, the episode aired on Saturday, unveils Anika’s identity to the family, Tia’s subtle treachery, heated arguments between Shivay and Anika, with fleeting moments of awareness and a promise to the audience to come up with more drama and twist in their next episode.