Wednesday's episode of Star Plus' most popular show "Ishqbaaz" ended with Anika (Chandana) refusing to live in Shivaay's (Nakuul Mehta) room while Dadi (Grandma) persuaded her to do so.

The Thursday's episode begins with Anika and Shivaay falling asleep outside their room near the pool. While everyone in the house have already woke up, Anika is still asleep while Shivaay wakes her up and asks her to get inside the room.

Tia is already dressed up and ready for the after-wedding rituals that will take place at the Oberoi Mansion. Pinky (Shivaay's mother) tells Tia that she needs to prepare for the functions as she has to sit beside Shivaay.

Dadi enters the kitchen and asks Tia to go out as she needs to speak something to all the family members. Pinky gets annoyed and says that Tia is now the daughter-in-law of this house. But Dadi doesn't agree with her. The argument ends after Dadi tells them that Anika is the one who wed Shivaye.

Shivaay and Anika participate in the wedding rituals as husband wife, Tia envious

As Anika gets ready and comes near the function hall, Tia stops her and asks why she is wearing her dress. But Dadi calls Annika, and she moves away from the place.

Annika looks stunning in the new dress as she walks to the main hall, Pinky looks at her enviously as she expects Tia to participate in the rituals.

It's getting late, and Dadi now asks Pinki to call the daughter-in-law of the house. Tia steps in hurriedly and tries to sit in the mandap, but Pinky stops her, and say's Annika will have to sit with Shivaay.

Tia gets annoyed and steps back and say's Shivaye won't come here for the rituals as he has not accepted Anika as his wife.

At this time Shivaye enters the hall saying he had an important business call to attend. Everyone seems happy after seeing him. Tiaa tries to stop him from sitting beside Annika, but he doesn't listen to her.

As the both happily participate in the games, the frustrated Tia walks away, but surprisingly Shivaay gets up from his place and follows her.

Tia tells him to stop humiliating her.

In the next scenes, a heated argument breaks up between Anikaa and Tia as they both come face to face, Tiaa taunts Annika and says Shiva will give her as much money she wants for leaving him. But Anika taunts her back by saying she should go to her previous husband and stay with him as she is already married to him before.

The episode ends with Tia telling Anika that she will teach her a good lesson.