Tuesday, December 6th episode of "Ishqbaaz" on Star Plus begins with Anika cursing Shivaay for what he did to her and that she will never forgive him.

The next scene shows Anika getting Tia's scandals to the place where she is sitting. To Anika's shock, Tia asks to make her wear the scandal. A big argument breaks out between the two as they accuse each other of cheating.

Anika accuses Tia of kidnapping herself

Anika accuses her that it was she who ran away from the wedding mandap and got kidnapped. she also adds that sometimes she thinks that it was Tia who staged her own kidnapping to get the big ransom money.

Tia asks her to shut up. At this time all the media people are standing and watching their argument.

The next scene shows Tia asking Anika in front of the media to help her wear her slipper as the paparazzi click photos.

The three Oberoi brothers in a heated argument

The three brothers are seen speaking on what is happening in their house. Om accuses Shivaay of creating chaos at the residence, he suggests him to just divorce Anika and live with Tia his wife.

Shivaay tries to move away saying he has no time to discuss now on all these things, but Om stops him by holding his hand. Om tells him that if he has time to make mistakes then have time to resolve the issues too, Shivaay angrily says he has not done anything wrong.

Rudra asks him why did Anika agree to marry you, then Shivaay remembers how he forced Anika to marry him by forcing her into the bed.

Now Shivaay straight away goes to Anika and say's her that he has given her the designation of his wife by marrying her and she has all the right to use it.

A long and emotional discussion takes place between the two as Anika tries to explain him how she is living in the Oberoi Mansion and what is going on with her.

Anika cries and begs him to leave her alone as she thinks all her dreams were shattered in a moment.

A background song is played as the stunned Shivaay keeps looking at the beautiful Anika.

He moves out of the room that is decorating fully with candles. Now Dadi comes to console the crying Anika.

Dadi now gathers the rest of the family members and criticizes Tia and Shivaay for creating nuisance in front of the media.

Shivaay say's he doesn't agree with this wedding with Anika. The next episode shows Tia trying to woo Shivaay by hugging him.