Ishqbaaz, the all alluring Indian daily soap opera aired on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday at 10.00 PM IST, revolving around the members of the rich and famous Oberoi family.

Their love interactions with Anika, a middle-class girl, like the other central character besides Shivaay Oberoi, is managing to entrap viewers completely. The episode aired on 3rd December; Saturday reinforced the sanctity of marriage rituals among the viewers.

December 5 written update

The episode begins with Shivaay introducing Tia as his wife. Dadi (grand mother) tells in front of both of them that Shivaay and Anika are now married and they have to respect their relationship.

They have to live together until they get divorced officially.

Then Anika tells Dadi that she cannot live in a forced marriage, she cannot forget what Shivaay did to her and she will never forgive him. Dadi cries and tells her that until she is alive they need to follow the rules. Shivaay then says Anika to come home.

They both go to the Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay gives a gift to Anika and leaves her alone. He also tries to give a gift to Saahil the kid saying Dadi has sent, but the kid asks him to keep it on the table. The angry Shivaay throws it towards him and goes to his room.

Tia insults Anika in front of the media

After Shivaay says Tia is his wife in front of all, Tia speaks and says that people were jealous of her and Shiva's proximity and that they tried all tricks to separate them.

Later Tia asks Anika to get her slippers as she is just a servant in the house.

Anika is shown to have evicted the Oberoi Mansion and return to her house. Shivaay’s grandmother forces Shivaay to bring back Anika as she was now his lawfully wedded wife. An indignant Shiva refuses to it and announces that he would get back the Mangalsutra from Anika if that was the basis of the so called farce which everyone considered marriage.

A heated argument between the two continues with grandmother as the winner for Shivaye puts his hands down and goes to Anika’s house with her, to ask her to be present before the world as his bride, in the marriage reception scheduled that evening.

Aneka is asked by her aunt to take advantage of Shivaay’s financial stability for Sahil’s upbringing to which Anika blatantly refuses. Anika is definitely an Indian bride for she hesitates momentarily on removing her Mangalsutra with other jewelry and decides to leave it there.

Something cropping up between Anika and Shivaay, soon?

The next frame shows Shivaay with his grandmother at Anika’s house where Anika in a flurry of hatred and anger discloses to grandmother how Shivaay forced her into marriage by threatening to kill her brother, Sahil.

The grandmother is shocked at what her grandson could stoop to but springs back with destiny doing right by making them unite, and thus they should stand by each other from thereon.

Sahil is convinced that boarding would be good for him, grandmother comes to know how Shivaay manipulated Anika into marriage and how in the end frame, Anika and Shivaay are all too aware of each other.